05 v. 04 YZF 450

Can anyone that has had the chance to ride both give me a opinion? I have the opportunity to buy a slightly used 04 for about $2k less. Is it worth the extra to buy an '05? I race MX, vet B, and weigh about 210lb. I have had Honda's for the past 3 years, 02-04 CRF450. I bought a 04 YZF250 towards the end of last year and really liked the way the bike felt. I feel the Yamaha's fit me better, 6'1". I know the mags say the 05 CRF is the best production bike ever, but I really think I feel more comfy on a Yamaha so I am pondering buying a YZF450 to go along with the 250F.

the suspension is the biggest change for 05 (forks). I just bought an 04 for $4K. So far, I am very happy. I know a few folks who like the 04 hit better than the 05. The 05 mapping is a bit mellower. Basically, the new 05 yz has the same forks that the CRF has (same technology).

The 04 with the 05 forks would be the ultimate....but that is my narrow minded opinion! :cry:

Inasmuch as I'm pretty open to narrow-mindedness, I think I'd agree if you add the full FMF Ti4 w/pBomb. :cry:

Then again, it might be cheaper to get a '05 and change how it runs than it would to make an '04 suspension work like that.

I didn't get to run the '05 really hard, but I was impressed. It's different though. You should ride both yourself. :cry:

I just bought a new 05 last week. Purchasing a used or new bike is personal opinion. Just have to consider budget, and proper maintenance of that used bike. The 05 model has a better, different front fork (a twin chamber-style Kayaba fork) than the 04 model according to Motorcross Action magazine Dec. 04. I personally couldn't see how the power difference between 04 and 05 models could make a huge difference because I'm not a pro but maybe the other reader is!

I agree whack the 04 engine in the 05 frame. But being realstic they are both awsome machines and no rider could blame the bike for not winning on either. The 04 power is a bit crisper and snappier whilst the 05 seems to have more down low and a slightly (by a bees willy) mellower mid range. I bought the 04 on runout after testriding both because the 04 was $2500 cheaper and a good enough bike to do anything on.

I've spent some time on both bikes. I've ridding them on the track and on the desert.

First, I am completely biased on the 04 because I have an 04 that ENZO did a total spring/revalve for my weight/ability with subtanks.

The 05 felt great right out the box suspension wise. Im serious when I say it almost felt as good stock as my $1k Enzo suspension. The motor felt just like the 04 CRF450. Just that the 05 YZ450f seemed to hit the 6000k RPM mark in about half the time as the 04 CRF450. I personally like the motor on my 04 better than the 05. The 04 has just the right amount of hit to clear doubles out of tight corners, etc.

The bottom line for me is that if someone wanted to trade straight across, an 05 YZ450f for my 04 YZ450f I would keep my bike. I like the motor better and after a respring and revalve the suspension is incredible.

Just my 450 cents.

(\/) (/\)

The whole fork thing is overblown, especially if you need to revalve anyway. If you weigh 210 and ride aggressive mx you probably need to. To be honest I weigh 225 and I felt the forks on the 04 and 05 were both a little harsh an the compression dampening plus they bottom fairly easily with my weight. I own an 04 and my buddy has an 05 (I do most of his maintenance repair, he is not to mechanically inclined) and he has the same opinion as me. As far as power the 05 seems to have a broader spread and the 04 with more of a midrange hitbut in a drag race they seem to be equal they just do it a bit differnetly. His 05 does shift noticeably better than my 04???

It's not worth the extra coin for the 05. I have a 03 and have decided to keep mine after riding the 05.

The 05 is good and more refined than my 03 but not 3 grand better!

Yeah, I can't see spending that much upgrading an '03 unless the '03 is really clapped out. I was more than happy to spend the $$ to upgrade my '98 though!!!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:

My lap times are 3 or 4 seconds faster on my 05 than I was on my 03, it seems just to work better, the 05 turns alot better and it is not slower, just smoother! This is just my 2 cents!

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