Should I be worried?

I got a new WR450F for X-mas and so far love it and I haven't even done any of the mods yet. The only problem is after cruising around my 1/5 mile home-made trail at my house for two hours something in the kick axle assembly went out and it is in the shop right now being fixed. Basically after I started the bike the kick start lever would flip out and make this grinding noise and bounce around. The shop guy said it was something in the kick axle (the idle gear or stopper lever or something like that) and it would of course be covered under warranty. Now excuse my ignorance as I am not the most mechanically astute person but assuming they fix it correctly is there anything else I need to worry about? It seems that the kick shaft is pretty isolated from the engine and other key components so it shouldn't have had any long-term effects on the bike but I just thought I would run this question through the forum to be sure. Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.


It should be an easy fix. Most likely the spring and ratchet wheel are not working properly. :cry:

Sounds like a fluke. There are many parts that could fail and thankfully for most of us they rarely do. Could've been defective from the factory and the stress from kicking it caused it break. Not your fault and be glad you've got that warranty. Just change the oil and filter often and you'll be good to go.

I wouldn't be concerned. Just have fun with it when you get it back. Sometimes defects are a part of (any) vehicle ownership. I know I've had my share: (2) '82 Honda XL500R's, '85 Ford Ranger, '93 Toyota pickup, '94 Chevy S-10... :cry:

Lately I've had great luck with all my "used" dirt toys and with my new in '01 Toy TRD. :cry:

At least it wasn't the tranny problem with the dog for 3rd & 5th gears getting sheared off. Yamaha fixed that one but a lot of bikes failed in the process. My '02 WRF had this problem but was fixed by the previous owners before I bought it. It's been fine ever since.

Great! Thanks for the good news. I'm not upset at all about the defect, I understand that not all products of any type will be perfect out of the factory. It's good to hear that it sounds like an isolated failure that will not have any long-standing effects on the bike.


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