Oil Change on XR650R??

Hello All,

I was reading some posts and saw some people talking about installing their oil filters in backwards, I don't know if I did or not, How do you tell???

One post said that the filter said "out side of motor", but my Fram filter had no such writing on it. How do you tell???


Ricky :cry:

One side of your oil filter will be indented where the spring seats. The spring fits inside the fingers in oil filter housing (part of your right crankcase cover) and butts to the indented seat on the oil filter. The other side of the oil filter has a rubber gasket that faces towards the outside (plugs into the oil filter cover).

Since having the same filter set up on a couple quads I used to own I came up with an association term that has helped!!

Remember Ace Ventura "Pet Detective"

"Laces out Dan"

"O'ring out jackass"

Thank You all,

I don't think I can mess this up again!

The filter, I don't beleive has any marking on it though

Thanks again,


DONT RUN THE BIKE TILL YOU ARE SURE, YOU WILL TOAST THE MOTOR. Genuine Honda filters have writing on them to tell you which way is out. Most aftermarket I have seen do not.

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