this has probably been covered, but anyway: trail tech is telling my they can't guaranty thier computer will fit my 85 xl 600. anyone know if it can be made to work? which kit do i order?

Does it have a disk or drum brake? I've installed these and similar units on various motorcycles & ATV's. I installed one on our Honda TR200 FatCat and there's no kit for it. The TR200 uses drum brakes. I used TrailTech's Yamaha Blaster kit which has the sensor potted in a threaded shank. I bonded a magnet to the wheel and made a custom bracket for the sensor to thread into (welded a nut to a steel bracket), but this sensor can also be tie strapped to the lower fork leg as long as the sensor comes very close to being in contact with the magnet. Wheel size doesn't matter too much because that can easily be programmed into most of these small computers including the TrailTech. If this bike has a front drum brake, then I'd suggest looking at the Yamaha Blaster kit if you want to stick with TrailTech.

Are you talking to the sales department or to tech support? Tech support just about told me if I brought my bike over they would install it. 360-687-4530. P.S. It still sucks, get a gps instead.

this bike has a front disc brake. i probably talked to the sales department via e-mail. i'll try tech support. thought maybe someone had installed one on an older xr600. is the gps systems comparable in price?


Basic GPS's aren't all that expensive and I run both a trip computer and GPS. The downside with the GPS is I don't get coverage everywhere (canyons, heavily forested areas, etc), but it's great in the deserts. The trip computer works 100% of the time, which is why I like having one. The TrailTech is a good unit if you don't mind taking excellent care of it all the time, but the ICO units are significantly more durable (and more expensive). If you really want an inexpensive trip computer to play with, you can buy a new older model CatEye Enduro bicycle computer on eBay and adapt it to your motorcycle as others have done.

Here is what Trail-Tech said when I inquired about fittment for my '87 XR600R, which should be similiar to your XL600:

"Computer kit used was part number 400-20. The older bikes are more difficult because the brake caliper mounts are often thinner. You may need to shim the sensor away from the rotor surface somewhat."

The 400-20 kit fits '95-2003 XR's.

Hope this helps.


I just JB Welded the sensor to my left fork leg on my XR650L. Been working fine that way for a year.

I've always said reading the directions was overrated :cry:

ive got one ride on mine and the POS doesnt work turns on but doesnt sense the tire is spinning...worked like a charm the first time I took it it doesn twork.

Sensor is there, pickup is there, cable seems to be ok...what gives!

Try moving the magnet closer to the sensor. There's a dead spot in the center of the sensor, so if the magnet is passing in the middle of the sensor, then that's likely the source of intermittent problems. Make sure the magnet passes to within 1/2 inch from the tip.

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