Top triple clamp for 03 yz 450

I am wondering what kind of top rubber mounted triple clamp I could get and should I get the bottom with it or does it really matter ? the only one that I like right now is the rg3 4 post rubermounted one. but there are so many more out there any suggestions ? :cry::cry:

The RG3 is very nice, it was noticable when I switched from the stocker.

I have the RG3 upper and lower... very nice!

i run the hurricanes and the only time that it feels "squishy" is when you land wrong or screw up(thats when its supposed to give). other than that i've wrecked them hard several times and it is one tough unit!! :cry:

I had the Tag Matrix on my 250f. I really liked that.

I love my RG3 clamps. I think they are the best clamp out there!!

Anyone know if there is a way to mount a GPR or Scotts Damper to an RG3 4 post??? I check with RG3 and they didn't know..

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