Side Cover Bolt Issue

On the left side of the 650R there is a bolt that screws in to the subframe to hold down the side cover. The insert in mine spins, so should/can I;

1. Remove/replace the insert that the bolt threads into?

2. Drill through the subframe and use a nut and bolt? I'm concerned about comprismizing the subframe.

3. Drill out the insert and tack weld a nut to the face of the subframe?

Anyone have experience with this?


I hear ya mine is doing the same thing, I am going to drill it all the way through and put a cotter pin setup similiar to the airbox on the other side. :cry:

I'm not saying you loctited those bolts because it sometimes happens anyway, but this problem will happen if you use loctite on those bolts. You can drill it through or weld a nut on the other side or stake the insert in place and carefully tack it.

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