Hot start Overflow??

I have never seen the hot start overflow actually leak gas before... but now it is... is this something to be concerned about... bike runs fine just leakin from the overflow w/ a very low level of gas in the tank..???

marcus? :cry:

Perhaps it's stuck open, the o-ring is no longer sealing, or maybe the OEM plastic "nut" that holds it into the carb has cracked & is allowing it to rise too far? :cry:

Try playing with the lever while the bike is running, it should rev up when you hold it open. I have heard of people having them stick open.

If the O-ring is bad, just replace it, & it's not a bad idea to replace the cheap plastic "nut" with a nice aluminum Zip-Ty one while you're at it.

Good luck!

BTW, I have noticed when it's below freezing out that sometimes the rubber seal around my choke can get very hard & leak a bit. The bike is hard to start as it apparently lets in too much air. I've been meaning to pack it with some silicon based grease to see if the problem stops.

its not leakin from the valve itself its coming out the overflow thats connected to it... would this still be the same thing??

Float bowl level may need adjustment? :cry:

if it was the float wouldnt it run crappy???? :cry:

I dont know how to help you? :cry: Marcus and ideas? :cry:

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