Throttle Cables - 650 R

I've recently noticed some play in the throttle of my R.

There's maybe 1/2" to 1/4" of play -- moving the grip up or down before I feel any pull on the cables.

My thoughts are:

1) it might be binding -- crushed by the tank?

2) maybe the cables need lubing?

3) who knows? :cry:

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

If lubing is the answer, do I need to disconnect both ends of the cables?

They are stretching, adjust the play out and all should be well.

It does sound like they are stretching. You may want to pull the twist throttle apart to see if the cables are starting to come apart. This could cause a stuck throttle or leave you setting somewhere. If they look ok I would lube both cables while its apart put it back together and adjust the play out as Old Man Time suggested.

Thanks, guys!

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