pictures of yzf tore down and the rest of the garage

here are some pics of my yz450 i had to put new bearings in my steering stem. and had to get some fork work done. just thought i would take some pics why I had the chance. I am going to try to get some pics from the races this weeknd

Can't open without the password :cry:

hmm i cant figure out how to post theese right. i am doing what it says but it dont seem to work still.

Log into Photobucket, click on "Account options". Then under "album options" click "Yes" after "Make Public".

hey thanks for the help. you should be able to click on those links and look at them now.

Damn Satch....I wanted that 426!!!

sorry's gonna be a blast for it's new owner :cry:

Nice toys! What engines do those cars run, SBC's? If your trophy shelf is anything to go by, you're doing something right..... :cry:

Why do you have 125 black backgrounds on your 450? :cry:

hey, those other toys are my brothers. he runs a estes 383 and a russel baker 410 in his new car. those wur some backgrouns i had laying around .

Why do you have 125 black backgrounds on your 450? :cry:

Black backgrounds aren't only for 125 class bikes. Maybe at a national pro level but if you are racing 250 beginner or novice you are suppose to use black backgrounds. Or if you dont race and want to add some contrast to the bike. It's no biggie man.

i didnt kno there was anything about black backgrounds i know some pro riders that have them on there 450 f's and 250s around here.

Why do you have 125 black backgrounds on your 450? :cry:

The color scheme of black backgrounds for the 125 class and white backgrounds for the 250 class is not universal.

Black backgrounds denote the vet intermediate class and white backgrounds denote the expert class, regardless of displacement, in our local vet mx racing club.

The GNCC series has yet another color scheme. :cry:

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