05 XR650L Uncorking????

I need to unleash the beast. Need to make sure my money is being spent wisely. The objective is to get the most out of my bike. Here's the plan. Need some feedback.

1) Baja Designs Smog Block-Off kit.

2) Baja Designs Jet Kit.

3) IMS 4.0 Gallon Tank.

4) Remove snorkel from airbox.

5) Uni Air Filter.

6) Muffler. FMF, White Bros, or Big Gun. Which brand and model is the best for my bike with the BD jet kit? Am I OK with the stock header pipe and a new muffler, or should I get a muffler and a head pipe?

What am I missing? Do I need anything else. Is there anything on this list that anyone has had a bad experience with?


Hi dualsport newbie

I am currently still trying to figure out my decel popping in the exhaust after installing the Baja/IMS block-off kit and just got a great tip that the ports you should plug off are not all to be done as per BD/IMS direction. The thread is still active here.

I would also add a 14 counter shaft sproket, I love it on mine and I didn't loose much top speed. Well, never needed the 90++ mph anyway. Its a very cheap and major improvement in my opinion.

have fun spending money :cry::cry:


As far as i know your not missing anything. I have the white bros exhaust on mine and it really adds some snap along with the jet kit. :cry: Your ok with the stock head pipe as that is the setup on my bike right now. Only thing about the white bros is it is on the loud side and watch out for your rear turn signal cause the exhaust coming out of the disks will melt it. I solved this problem by taking the disks off and putting a turndown style endcap on but now its really loud but sounds awsome lol. :cry:

I am in the same boat as you. I have a 05 XRL. I drove the first 600 miles stock, and then added, Smog block off, snorkel removed, UNI filter (don't forget the grease), BD jet kit (with holes in slide drilled anyway), and thermometer dipstick when I did the first valve and chain adjustment

What you have mentioned so far is about $500 worth of upgrades, to each their own, but I would do the following....

Buy a few jets and rejet yourself, save money on the BD kit. Enlarge the slide holes as everyone on this site has. Works just as well.

Desmog, just remember to attach a vacuum line to the throttle closed port to reduce popping on decel (explained on the old TT forums). Probably won't add performance, but looks cleaner.

take out snorkel (free)

UNI filter

+/- IMS tank, increases fuel range, but costs alot. I just have a 5 gallon can in my garage.

+/- Exhaust, Looks cool, sounds cool. I think the jury is out on performance gains, some say it does, others that it doesn't help. Either way you look at it, it is a lot of money for a little extra power. it will sound faster

I would initially buy the proven performance enhancers, Snorkel out, UNI, Jet change. you could even desmog. This series of mods would cost less than $50.

Then decide later on IMS tank and Exhaust

My .02


The keihin jets and shimming the needle works much better than the jet kit.

I've done both, and there's a big difference in driveability.


I also did the shim and keihin jets, removed the snorkel, installed K&N, and ensured my california model had the right carb nipples connected or plugged, and I have no decel popping regardless of exhaust silencer type.

On doing the above carb mods (see my website for specific setup), the bike popped madly on decel, worse than stock! :cry: ....I found it was because the BG headers did not fit the exhaust ports squarely and I had massive leaks at the interface. I put the stock header back on...now with either stock silencer or BG Race+vortec I have no popping at all. None.

First make a choice on the silencer, then mod the filter/carbs/silencer to get the bike running properly with no decel popping with that silencer. If you choose to go stock for now and install an aftermarket later, you will just have to rejet. If you know you want an aftermarket silencer, get it now and only do the jetting once. I recommend not worrying about any other mod until you get the filter/carb/exhaust system working well. (unless you have a bunch of cash and want to have the parts sitting ready to go when you are done with the fuel/air system) :cry:

The keihin jets and shimming the needle works much better than the jet kit.

I've done both, and there's a big difference in driveability.

I think I'll go with the IMS Smog Block Off kit and keep the stock muffler. If I skip the jet kit and just pick up the needed Keihin Jets, what jets do I need (i'm in Phoenix, AZ - elevation of 1100 ft or so) and where is the best place to purchase? What is the shimming of the needle? Which needle needs shimming and what exactly is shimming? Do I need any other parts for the Carb besides the Jets? Here the new performance plan (revision 1):

1) IMS Smog Block Off Kit

2) Keihin Jets (specific jets TBD)

3) Shimming of Needle (whatever the heck that means)

4) Remove Airbox Snorkel

5) Baffle in stock muffler (keep it or remove it?)

Will this above configuration get rid of the "popping" on decel and will my beast be unleashed?

The Keinhin part numbers are main 99101-393-1580 and pilot jet N424-26-055. (Make sure the 55 is 23mm long)

I purchased the mains from 145-170, and the pilots from 50-60, to give me some flexibility. The mains I purchased through Service Honda, the 52 and 58 pilots through Carb Parts, and the 50, 55, and 60 pilots through Sudco. (No one shop had them all)

URLs, not surprisingly, are:




I had to call them all to order...no biggie.

Needle shimming is to find small washers (I used the one which came with a DJ kit I ordered) at ~,020-045" thickness, which may be placed under the jet needle, thereby raising it slightly.

I also drilled out the two non-needle jet holes in the carb slide to 5/32".

Your revision looks good, just be aware that if you stick with the stock silencer, your power gains on rejetting won't be "awesome", but merely "respectable". You will, however, get rid of that irritating pop.

I tried the stock exhaust pipe, the stock header w/ BG silencer, and a complete BG pipe. The latter REALLY unleases the beast while pissing off all your neighbors and making your ears ring. The second configuration is my choice, as it will let me pass the AMA sound tests at races and makes a substantial difference in power.

Don't sweat it, unleash the beast in stages...and learn as you go.

I didn't try taking the baffle out. Why don't you take it out, see how loud it is, and decide from there? If it's too loud, stick it back in and jet with it in, if you like the sound, jet with it out.

I would do a 160 and a 58 jet, that is all you need. then drill out the 2 non needle holes to 5/32", and shim the needle up. I took the carb out to do this and blew it out with compressed air very well after drilling, before installing. Just suck it up and remove the carb, you can get it out of the rear brake master cylinder side without loosening the master cylinder, just flex the rubber boot and twist and turn it. Don't be scared. Just set the parts orderly as you take them out and put back together the same way. it would be pretty hard to screw up. get a service manual before attempting or hold out until you can't get it back together.

Look at the other post regarding popping on decel, the last few posts are the ones you need, you really should try routing vacuum to the air cut diaphragm once you do the smog block removal.

This will cause a significant power change, most people say jetting is the best mod you can do.

Make an afternoon out of it, change the oil, adjust the valves, oil and adjust the chain, jet and modify the carb (also grind tab of of carb bowl that prevents fuel screw from moving too far), remove the smog pump, change the airfilter, desnorkel, and finally wash it. you will feel good after doing all of this. And you will know alot more about the bike.

personally I would keep the stock exhaust WITH the baffle until you see how it acts after the initial mods. Without the baffle is too loud. If you want an aftermarket pipe, you ned to change from a 160 to a 165 jet.

Good Luck, I did the above mods in about 3 or 4 hours in the garage. After it is done, adjust the fuel screw as needed to keep the idle good. Just remember to blow ALL metal debris out of the carb before re-assembly.

Oh yeah, look on a few other websites, there are some good descriptions of the above carb mods with pics.

The part numbers I gave were for Keihin jets. Just be aware that the DJ kit jets are usually a larger number for a similar size (i.e. I know some have reported the DJ 160 and the Keihin 155 to be similar sizes). Were those DJ jet sizes, babbs?

DN also posted this topic on the other website you mentioned, and in my response to that post, I pointed him towards the exact same post you did. I also used the information in 11416 to set up my bike.. :cry:

Nice to know we are at least steering him in the same direction :cry:

some good info to be had on the forums on 4strokes ,com as well. A few guys have pics of all their mods.


Someone on TT helped me out with this link a while back. It has photos for desmog removal that were more helpful than IMS's instructions you'll get with the kit. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/xrlsmog/

Hey, I'm famous! I'm dave_cl over on 4strokes.


thanks for all of the great advice guys!

BTW, XR650L_Dave, I hear that you are more than famous (probably legendary). Are you the author of the XR650L Uncorking "Recipe" that I keep hearing about??? Your postings get more referrals than any other user I've seen! Keep the knowledge coming!!

Dave, your the man!

I'm not the recipe writer, but I'm one of the first to capture the whole thing in one writeup. There were a few guys over on the yahoo XRLUG group that had the knowledge, and they gave me the info to make the big red thing run great!

4strokes gave me a wolfman luggage T-shirt.

I'm also the guy that put a visor onto a street helmet to make my own dual-sport helmet (Arai XD style).


If you want a BIG increase in power you'll have to go with an exhaust(a least a slip on).Unfortunately the louder mine was the more power it had.My setup(finally)was a 55 pilot /165 main/stock needle shimmed .040"(tried the DJ kit)slide drilled 5/32/snorkle removed/IMS smog kit/Pro-Ciruit T-4/15-48 gearing/Twin-Air/push throttle cable removed/KTM 525 battery(4 lbs.lighter)IMS tank,propegs,shifter/WC glide plate/renthals CR-Hi/Dunlop non-dots/rim locks/Xr'sOnly temp guage.

I've owned 3 XRL's (lastone an '03)and for me this set-up worked the best(50/50dirt/street):cry:

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