K & N or Twin Air

I know that the stock filter works fine but eventually it will need to be replaced. In your alls opinion which is better a K & N or a Twin Air filter.


I personally like the twin air filters. They have always treated my bikes good

If you're in the dirt most of the time, then my vote goes to the Twin Air. If you'll be motarding or riding the street, then either should be fine.

I would go with Uni or Twin Air. :cry:

I have an UNI on mine and it works great. :cry:

I've tried them all and the UNI has the tightest fit. Remember to grease the lip.

K&N filters let dirt thru in dirty environments. Uni's work well. :cry:

UNI Filter :cry::cry::cry: and PJ1 filter oil :cry:

I started with the k&n and it let dirt through and around the filter and was a real pain to get to fit right on the lip. then i had a uni and was not impressed due to the size of the filter, it was getting torn liittle by little during instalation and removal because it was so big.

Last night i installed my new twin air. it fit beautifully and the thickness and feel of the filter element lead me to believe it will filter very well.

I got the UNI because it has a metal frame in it, not sure about all the others. This way I could get rid of the metal screen.

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