650R Carburettor linkage problem

A few days back I posted a problem with my 650R stopping on me - http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=211453 - with the help of the folk on this board the issue was discovered (thanks again PB1963).

The linkage that connects the throttle drum through the carb body and the slider however is very badly worn and appears to be holding on by a thread. I have no idea why this is so badly worn and none of the bike shops I've spoken to here have heard of this happening before. If the bike had a tonne of mileage and had been thrashed then I'd understand parts wearing but it's done 5000KM's :cry: Honda in the UK want £450 to replace it so that ain't gonna happen!.

I guess to cut a long story short (probably too late already :cry:, does anyone have a busted stock carb laying in the garage with this linkage in? I'm more than happy to buy it or donate to your favorite charity. I'm so loathed to purchase an entire replacement carb for the sake of a small brass linkage with a few holes drilled through it :cry:

again, any help or suggestions most welcomed!


Keep your eyes open on Ebay, I have found lots of crap for 650's on there. Good luck.

I would check out http://www.ronayers.com and look at their on line microfiche and get the parts you need to repair your carburetor. It might be a lot less than buying a new one. I know if i was to spend 450.00 Dollars on a carb it would be the eddlebrock Qs and not the stock one. Good luck!!

thanks for the advice guys. the first honda dealer i spoke with told be there were no replacement parts available... thus the reason I was looking for a complete carb... then the second one i spoke to found a part # for the linkage and a few associated bits... still not cheap but I get at least get her sorted out! - thanks for the link to the microfiche jpgs... great for future reference! :cry: - unfortunately they don't ship international; those are some gooood prices on that site compared to what they cost in the UK!... thanks again all.

Hey - give Honda Spares a call - they could supply me bits for my XR600 carb




650 and a 600

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