noisey engine

hello I ride a o1 426,my engine noise was coming from several busted springs that run the curcumfrence between my clutch basket and the primary drive gear.I drilled out the 3 rivets and split the basket from the gear.My ? is where can I get those springs and possible 3 bolts and nuts to bolt the assembly back together.

Not trying to be funny, but you can find your parts at your local dealer Here is there web site to help find part numbers. Most dealers will not know what parts you are looking for. Part numbers make it a lot easier

You could also try Yamaha of Troy ( Parts Finder You will find they have some good pricing as well

I am not being funny either,but I am well aware of parts catalogs.The dealer sells the hole assembly together basket and primary drive gear.I am gonna purchase a hinson clutch basket,which does not come with the primary drive gear,which I have and it is in good shape.I need the springs that absorb the shock which are located in between the primary drive gear and the basket and some new attaching hardware.

One suggestion is to look for a used one on E-bay or elsewhere from someone parting out an engine. Another idea that's a bit more off-the-wall is to take one of the springs, especially if there's one left that's not broken, to an automotive clutch rebuilder in your area and see if you can match something up. If you have an industrial hardware supplier like Grainger's in Michigan, they might have that sort of thing, too. Springs gotta come from somewhere, eh? :cry:

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