Strange thing when starting?

After actually spending some time riding my R there is a strange thing happening when I go to restart it when it is hot. After getting to TDC and using the manual decomp lever to bump it past, sometimes it feels like something is either binding or the auto decompression is not working correctly. It feels almost like it is still at TDC but with not quite as much resistance. It does not happen every time but enought that I am concerned with it. Being that I have never ridden anything but two strokes up until this point I do not know if this is normal or what.. :cry: It has never failed to start but something just feels odd about the way it feels. Anybody have any clue as to what this might be?

Why do you use the manual compression release? The only time I ever used mine was when I dumped it over or something to clean it out. I might be wrong here but I thought that was the purpose of auto decompressors, so you don't have to fool with the manual. I had my '01 for 3 years and all I would do is find TDC, bring it all the way back up and kick it through, it started everytime. I know I probably haven't helped, good luck. :cry:

I can't help you with the binding, but I too use the manual decompression lever to get past TDC. It is kinda hard to move the kickstarter without it.

I've been told at 6'-9", I have a bit of an advantage in the leverage department.

Careful, you can snap off your kick starter ($100), or even bend a rod (i've heard), if you go jamming through the compression stroke without a fair bit of momentum...

Try pushing a hair further past TDC using the lever. Make sure the kick starter is engaging as far at the top of its stroke as possible.

I have heard of this a couple of times before. Mine has done it also. It almost sounds like it hits something inside the case cover. I have taken my cover off and can't find anything that looks damaged. I remember the other guys saying they could not find anything wrong either. It's an anomoly. I haven't heard any problems coming up from this so I don't worry about it.

Big T you just described what I feel to a T! Thanks for taking the time bro.

Yeah, mine does that too, it's apparently "normal", because my bike is an '00 model and I've put over 6500 miles on it so far, and it's never had any kind of problems with the engine, or anything else really. It's a good bike for a four-stroke, but still more and more I find myself riding my KX500 instead, it's just a very fun bike to ride I'm sorry :cry:

more and more I find myself riding my KX500 instead,
Yeah I know what you mean. The only downside to my bigbore 91 was its range and the fact that most people did not want me riding it anywhere near their private land. Funniest thing I have ever witnessed was a friend of mine climbing off his Banshee and stating that if he could handle the Banshee he could handle the mighty KX. Made it about 20 soon as he shifted into 2nd he pinned it and the bike looped out from under him. I thought I was gonna piss meself!!

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