Yamaha DR 225 Tri-moto 3 wheeler ???

We have had a KLT 200 (similiar design) for the past 20 years. The only suspension is the tires, and they get pretty stiff in the winter.

Basically, this type of ATV gives you ALL kinds of signals when you're going faster than it likes to. It handles like a tank. The KLT has an optional diff lock mode, with it unlocked you only have 1 wheel drive. That's somewhat of a safety factor, because if a wheel lifts, it just spins, and the machine slows down. In lock mode, you can lift a wheel and still be under power, easily causing it to tip over.

The only mechanical problem we've had is a broken fuel pump, and we bought 3 off of ebay before finding a good one. It has the original chain, and all 3 original tires. And, amazingly, the tires look like new. They have had tubes put in them, because they had leaks around the rims (tubeless running at 8 PSI).

I've flipped it once doing a hill climb, power shifted down from 2nd to 1st, the tires dug in, over she went, the last thing I saw was me and the KLT

bouncing down the hill.

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