pro taper question

I am considering putting protapers on my bike and want get your guy opinions

Do they really help fatigue by flexing?

Will that so called flexing be eliminated by putting a set of triple tree mounted hand guards on?

also I am ready to purchase my scotts steering stabilizer are there any concerns here?

Should I just buy the stabilizer and use my current bar mounted hand guards?

Thanks everyone

Vince from Ohio

I want this whole steering package to be right the first time through

I have the Protapers and a Scotts Stabalizer. I don't think I've ever noticed any flexing at all. Do what most other people do. When you bend your stock bars, replace them with the protapers or another quality bar.

I've had my Scotts for about a year now and it's been the best purchase I've made as far as I'm concerned. For you, it will depend on what kind of riding you do. I ride almost nothing but desert, and I won't ride without one now that I have it.


I have a set of TAG T2 bars, a Scotts damper, and a set of rally pro acerbis guards (mounted to the triple clamp for stenght). It is by far the nicest settup of any bike I've ever ridden! The bars soften the vibration, and the shock of hard impact is nill with the scotts damper. I have a large pin in my wrist (snowboarding) and it is still fragile. the damper is a must have for me! also when I decide to let go of the bars (not often) the damper keeps the bars straight, and the rally guards take any and all of the abuse! no radiator damage, and no scatches, except for the hand guards. it all works so nice. any one who rides really fast (with a heavier bike, not a yz/rm 125) will benifit from the damper! best part $ can buy!!

Hey Guy's....Is there a fatigue factor with the Scotts when doing alot of close in work and tight fast turns while doing scrambles? I know the Scotts has an on the fly adjustment(which is why I'm leaning in that direction).

Well, I have no knowledge or experience on stabilizers, but as far as pro tapers go...if you can afford (or have) the mounts for your triple clamp, BUY THE TAPERS!! I have NEVER EVER bent a set of them, and I've had some horrendous crashes. Personally, I love them. They really can be the last pair of bars you own. My ktm came with Magura SX aluminum bars (basicly pro tapers)and I will use them until something happens, which, if they're like Pro Tapers, may be forever....

Tag Metals has a pro taper adaptor for something like 55 dollars...if you have steel bar triple clamps.


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I have been riding mostly tight technical single track stuff. I use the Pro-tapers with the Scotts stablizer. I also would not want to ride without them. When you are going over or down rock gardens they really help. You will get spoiled with it and will never want to ride without them again. BTW I am mostly talking stablizer. I'm sure there are other after market bars that would work just as well. P


The Scotts has a high and low speed adjustment. You can turn down the low speed for HS type steering consditions and have the high speed turned up for root and rock deflection.

I waited for a year and half, followed the threads here very closely and finally broke down and bought one. I wished I wouldn't have waited so long. The damper even provides additional stability on MX tracks in the rutts and whoops.



99 WR400f, YZ timed, MX-Tech suspension, Scotts steering damper, White Bros E-Series (12 discs), tapered header and a/f. Kouba T-handle for the fuel screw. Works Connection billet throttle tube and frame guards. Cycra Pro-Bend, triple clamp mount handguards. Thumper Racing rad guards, Renthal Jimmy Button highs, YZ Tank and IMS seat, YZ number plate, odo removed, EKP, 48PJ, 175MJ at 500-1000' Thanks James Dean!

I run Pro-Tapers on my WR400 & my wife's XR250 - primarily because I had them. I originally installed Pro-Tapers on my '90 KX500 and they did cut down the vibration considerably. When I put the Acerbis Rally (all plastic, not TC mounted) handguards I did notice a slight increase in vibration - not as much as with Renthal bars w/o handguards.

Personaly, I don't think that on a counter-balanced 4 stroke the flex characteristics of the Pro-Taper are the big selling point. The damn things are incredibly strong and don't bend. That and the Scotts steering dampener fits perfectly on the PTs.


Looks like I'm going all the way...


scotts steering dampner(weld on mount)

triple tree mounted aluminum hand guards with enduro engineering covers.

hope to feel all the improvements soon.

open invitation to anyone wanting to ride wayne nationals trails in so. Ohio

Who makes a tree-mounted handguard? Have never seen those before but it sounds like a great idea.


Y2K WR400FM,Answer top tree w/Accu-Trax clamp,Pro-Tapers(CR-Hi w/ EE handguards),Devol Rad. & frame guards, Guts tall soft foam w/ ballistic cover, 13 tooth counter w/DID VM X-Ring, Kouba-T

Summers Racing Components makes them. I think Enduro Engineering may have them as well.

I'd like to run them but I think it would take way too much work to install them on my bike - Applied TC & Thumper Racing 1.5" Bar Risers have my bars way forward/up compared to most....


SRC makes them for side and front facing top clamp pinch bolts (Yamaha is side facing). Cycra and GYT-R make them for side facing only. The last two I’ve tried, they’re both about the same price but I’ll give the edge to the GYT-R parts because they are more adjustable and the Cycras have a tapped, blind hole that I eventually ripped the threads out of.

I definitely think there is an advantage to clamp mounting your bark busters, and I think it is worth the sixty bucks or so:

1) The whole setup is stronger and protects you bars from impact better.

2) The guards cannot rotate.

3) Often helps to eliminate guard/master cylinder clearance problems.

I would also think that the clamp mounts would allow as much, if not more, flex from the bars, there is no rigidity on the vertical axis and since only one end is fixed to the bar it can flex in that area, whereas bar mounts serve to square up the section of the bars between the two mounting points. Or something like that...

I snapped a set of De Marini DoubleWalls with bar-mounted Pro Bends installed. It appeared the guards focused the impact on the small area between inner mount and bar clamp, and a relatively innocuous flop snapped them right off. With clamp mounts I’m pretty sure the bars come away unscathed.

Here’s a pic of the GYT-R mounts:


I really love the Pro Bends too, I think they are worth the extra coin because my throttle hand sometimes rubs on the straight bark busters. That may be just me...

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A picture says a thousand words. Thanks for posting it. It would be cool to see more of it with threads like this.


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