How much for a new YZ 450F in So Cal?

I was just curious and looked at threads from the CRF 450 forum and read that they can't buy a new 05' CRF 450 for under $7,000.00 in So Cal! What is the price of a new YZ 450F in So Cal? If the market is that hot down there I will have a friend sell my bike when I am ready to replace it. Is the high price just for the CRF and not the YZF or are the high prices universal? I am glad the magazines rate the CRF so highly because that drives down the price of the bikes I really like (the YZF of course) by increasing demand towards the Red guys. I Paid $5,700.00 for my 04' YZ 450 in July of 04' (out the door) and that includes Idaho's 6% sales tax and all of the other dealer garbage! If you coudn't tell I have a degree in Economics but I am still crazy enough to ride the Blue Beast. :cry:

It ridiculous what they have to pay there! I want to send my 03 450 there to sell used - it will bring a hell of a lot more there, than here where I paid 5500.00 out the door........there is no way in hell I will pay 7000.00 for a Red CRF450 that I can pick up in this area for 5699.00 out the door.....and more importantly for a dirtbike :cry:

I bought my new 04 YZ450 for $5588 out the door in East Bay Motorsports at Hayward California in September of 2004. Hayward is in Silicon Valley.

Before I bought my YZ, I was quoted $5500 OTD at LA Yamaha. Dealer here matched it.

I payed $5800 out the door at John Burr in SanBernadino

Got my '04 YZ450F for $5199 OTD back in June. I had a cast on my arm and I think they felt sorry for me.....

05 yz450 here in so cal 6000 otd

6k is a good deal in CA

For all you guys out side of CA when you say OTD, you mean with taxes right?

Just curious, in CA we have to pay uncle Sam his share, I've read that some TTrs have purchased their bikes in the USA and not payed tax...

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