05 Nstyle Ultra kit

I want to get the 05 kit for my 2001 yzf426 and the only place i can find it is at motosportsoutlet.com it says it fits mine but the pic that shows with it is a YZ125. I dont know if i should still go ahead and order it?

Yeah they do that. My friend just ordered the 04 pro circuit graphics for his 2002 kx125. They only showed a picture of the 2003 kx on motosport and the n-style site. But they were the right ones.

Id go with it, those new N-style graphic kits look sweet.

Yeah thats why i want it. Im going to get that, white fenders/side panels/number plate, blue shrouds, black backgrounds, and an SDG tall seat. Should look good! And i have the blue and white MX light flagh handguards.

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