Which CateyeSpeedo works with the 650r, I called cateye and they said you need the pickups to be within 5mm of each other? True or not? I found some on E-bay.:cry: Looking for an inexpensive :cry: deterrant. :cry: Later.

It's the Cateye Enduro 2 that I remeber some folks using on 650r's. Some folks will use this with the TrailTech wiring harness which is more durable than the harness that comes with the CatEye. I didn't see any on eBay, but I did see a dutch auction for the CatEye enduro 8 for $17.99. I'd imagine that model would also work, but I don't know anybody that's used it. Just don't try one of the wireless computers because they will likely have problems on a motorcycle. Here's a write up from Craig Block who put a CatEye Enduro 2 on his bike years ago.


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