Gearing 04 YZ450F

Does anybody know what the stock gearing for a 2004 YZ450F is?

14/48, drop me an E and I'll forward you a gearing spreadsheet for our 04 450's I wrote.


14-47 Europe, 14-48 USA.


Drop the rear to a 47 for Moto.

Really, a 47? I was gonna get a 50 so could just leave it in third the whole time.

Anyhow, thanks for the info.

i went with a 50 as with the stock 48 I kept stalling and lugging on tighter tracks. As I am lazy, I put the 50 on and now don't ever leave third except the starts. the only thing is on tracks with longer straights, I rev right out the top with the 50 tooth. tests recommend the 49 on that bike. i haven't tried it yet....

Actually, I believe MXA recommended a 47 for the YZ450 in both '03 and '04. It accomplishes 2 things; it gives each gear more range, taking advantage of the engine's enormously wide power curve, and it puts a bit more load on the somewhat over-zealous engine to help keep it under control.

I run a 15/49 almost everywhere, which equates to a 14/46.

In truth, there is no one right gearing for everyone, anyway. You have to find a setup that gives YOU a good gear to be in at the largest number of places on YOUR track with the minimum of shifting. Think about what gear works where and what would happen if you went up or down. Remember that lowering the overall gearing also has the effect of making the ratios closer to each other, and going higher widens the gaps.

Just bumping this up, looking for 3 simple suggestions.

Have an 04 that's ready for new Rear Sprock and New Chain.

Spent litterally HOURS the other night looking over gearing ideas,

where I need to take some torque out of that initial punch like GrayRacer

prev. mentioned. Just looking to tame a bit, so the 14/47 seams a start,

yet also takes me down to 112L Chain, where a 15/47 keeps the 114L.

At my 175 lb / 165 summer target, not the greatest rider and need help.

I know a weighted F.W. will help, yet time to change sprocks & chain so

would ask for anyone who's HAD or still HAS this 4spd on just some quick ?ones:

Your RATIO: vs. the stock 14/48, and "please" include your chain Link(s).

(Like the idea of swapping, yet would like to do so in a combo that keeps the

same chain L.)

Your weight: (here on Earth and in LBs, please)

Your level: (Novice/Basic, Good/Semi Aggressive, Agressive/Seasoned, Top10%-don't reply)

Riding Style for Gearing: (H.S., Tight Trail / Enduros, MX / Track, Open Trail / Desert)

Back riding after always owning a Dual Sport for years (couple decades), and never really had a

true MX bike. For me on MX/Track, I find the bike too torqued (at times) and feel I need to tame for

better control out of corners. Yet the stock gearing, I'm shifting too much and can't always keep the

RMP up to stay in 2nd on the tights before launching / jump. So, down to First where it wants to jump

from me coming out. After having now a couple years, control really feels great in 2/3. Rest of power

curve always (usually) feels good where first is so short lived or may not venture, so also makes me ?

if going "higher" is actually right for me?

See others have the same hight issue (at 5'8"), I'm tippy toed and not much on lowering options for this

bike. Fair jumps for age, and some feel to bottom out, yet overall I'd say landings (now) have smoothed

out after getting the forks and rear set-up better.

Really allot of +++ on this year made me search and finally find a low hour / trail use only stock one for

the right $'s, so just trying to find some more "comparable" rider states on gearing for my 04 YZ450.

Thanks, in advance !

Geoff T.

Just for thread ref.

To keep costs down ($80 total), just ended up going with Steel Sprockets (Primary Drive)

@ 14/47 ratio per GrayRacer suggestion.

Used a PD XTS 14T (really like) for drive and a (heavy as *%#) 47T on the rear.

Only wish P.D. made a rear Steel similar to the black XTS front for an 04 YZ450.

Comb. calc.'ed to a 112 Link chain... and fit perfect... again a Primary Drive RDO O-Ring.

There's another great thread found on YZ gearing, with alot of other remarks / ideas,

that had orig. missed. Given older bike, likely no real interest... yet I really like this 4spd.

so maybe someone else will find info. of interest.


Ran up&down street this a.m. to check, and did notice (a bit ?) + range in ea. band, yet

honestly hard to really tell w/ just one less tooth from stock / till actually run in dirt, etc.

Yet, did seam to "increase" the gear range as mentioned, & still being able to stand it up.

Still should invest in a FlyWhl. Wght. down the road..... YET

Sadly, after street run, trailered up to only find fork seal leaking (running) down fork when

compressed (tied down), so onto next project.

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