HELP!!! Throttle Stop?

I ordered a 2005 YZ450F throttle stop for my 2005 WR450F and when I installed it with no problems I proceeded to test it and the throttle stuck wide open NOT GOOD. Too unstick it I had to move the accelerator pump lever. Does anybody have any ideas?

I took my digital caliper and measured the shank of the YZ stop and it was 18.23mm or 0.7175", is this the proper length? :cry:

I am looking for the same info myself I was about to do what you did to my brother in laws bike.

The recommended length off of is 24 mm.

So it would seem that the 2005 YZ throttle stop is too short. If you still have the stock WR throttle stop, cut it down to 24 mm.

What Part number did you use....I order 5JG-14591-00-00 which is a YZ450 2003, but its supposed to be the same part number for 2004 and 2005 ???

This is the part number on the little bag in which it arrived 5JG-14591-00. When I measured its length not including the head it is 18.23mm or 0.7175" long shank.

Well I found the problem!! It seems that someone at my local dealer tampered with my carb. before I picked up my new bike. As I examined my carb. I noticed what appeared to be screwdriver marks around the accelerator pump link lever. When I looked even closer I also noticed that the link lever was bent which caused it to hang up on the throttle shaft. I managed to fix it and everything works fine with the YZ450F throttle stop.

Ya, the YZ450F stop screw is maybe 3mm shorter than the YZ250F screw, but the dealer said that it would be fine for my WR250F.

I checked total travel and action with no screw and with the YZ450F screw and it definitely does act as a stop... with no screw, you can hear and feel the slide hitting the carb's top cover plate.

Works fine... same part number you got.

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