"05" WR450 My first post

oK here I go. Been readin TT forums for a while now and decided it was time to get my feet wet :cry: You guys have some really great info and seem to be having a great time in here :cry: I picked up my new toy right before x-mas and have already done most of the mods recommended :cry: I've still got a ways to go but BURLEY'S "WZ" :cry: has inspired me to do likewise ( except I still like the blue ). This bike is awesome :cry: Hope to see some of you guys in Cal city or Dove springs :lol:

Welcome to TT. These guys are great. My WR is tricked out and the best maintained bike I've ever owned thanks to this forum.

When work isn't getting in the way, I ride alot out of Hungry Valley and sometimes get out the the dez, Cal City, etc. Keep in touch. :cry:

Welcome aboard :cry: I recently joined after visiting for quite a while. I have to agree about maintaince issues after reading the posts. There is so much info on here that finding answers to your ?'s is only a mouse click away.

I also enjoy hitting the desert at mainly Dove Springs and Cal City. So much riding, and not enough time. Oh well, at least we can ride in the winter here in Cali :cry: Hope to see ya in the Dez :cry::cry:

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