L speedo on R

Will the speedo set up from a 2000 650L work on a 2001 650R?


As long as it uses a regular japanese odo cable it will. I have seen a few using them.

Try looking at the drz400's speedos on ebay, those are neat little speedometers. Digital, and they cost around 150$.

I got the baja designs speedo, its pretty good. Reads up to 160mph and it only cost 69$.

Some of the touratech digital speedos are awesome. cycoactive.com should have them.

You can get a stock OEM speedo from an '85 XR350 which will fit the XR650R.

It bolts to the existing points where the stock odo fits. The cable screws right into the stock gear at the front hub. It only registers 90mph, but it looks nice and works great. It includes an odo also. It's a 2 min. install.

Where can you get one? :cry: I want one. :cry:

Any older XR with the odo/speedo will fit and work. The sending units are all the same. I bolted my 87 Xr250's right onto my 02 650. However, where can you get another one? Think honda still stocks them? Must be big bucks.

I bought my 00 last year and the oldtimer had out an XR200 speedo new from honda and it works like a champ. Bolts right up to the triple clamp.

Will a 1980 xr 200 speedo work? Found one. :cry: later.........

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