2002 YZ stock chain ... junk?

I've heard a couple posts here & there that refer to the stock chain/sprockets on the YZs as junk.

I just picked up an '02 YZ426 that's completely stock ... thing looks like it's never been ridden. Rear sprocket looks great (haven't checked the CS sprocket yet), but the chain seems to be showing some wear already - I can pull it away just a bit off the back of the sprocket. After installing a new chain on my KTM 640 I don't have near the play of the YZ.

I'm just concerned about busting a chain in the middle of nowhere. Best to replace the stocker or is it no more/less reliable than any other chain?

Couple photos of the bike - you can see it's in pristine condition:



closeup 2

closeup 3

:cry: WOW, yeah the stock chain is garbage. Tin foil would have been better.

I'm not sure what you bought the bike for but that sucker is CLEAN. Looks like you just brought it home from the dealer! :cry:

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