How to get a bike up on a stand?

you said it rockieman, That one with the Suzuki on it looks kinda big. Does the handle stick out far? Do you step on it once, or pump it up like a jack.

Ok, first, the passenger pegs on the DR are stock.....and they actually work well. Before I bought my Daughter her own DR, she rode as my passenger often, and they work fine.......

Ok, now the stand is hydraulic, they sell one very similar at Sears, the Sears one is actually better cus it has a 'foot' pump, whereas mine you have to do the pumping by hand.....but for $50 or $60 difference....I'll go with mine..

Hope this answers all questions....yes it DOES get both wheels off the case that one comes up....

I made stationary bike stands for all my dirt bikes. They all require to be "lifted". At 6'2" and 225 I don't have much problem lifting them. But why use force when you can use brain ? I consider I do enough lifting/pushing when I ride, so I got the stand pictured here :

The only drawback, this model is actuated by a foot operated pump. So it's a bit slow. And it is heavy, it's OK for the garage but too heavy to bring along in the trailer.

But this one : , is light and quick to lift.

There was a plan on the net for a homemade version, which I no longer have (sorry). I made mine from scrap metal. When you make it, you can adjust the low position to be just under the bike frame. So you only have to slide the stand under the bike and lift. You have to determine what is the desired height to get both wheels off the ground and adjust the design to suit your bike.

I hope it helped.

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