WR450 cam

I have an 05' WR450 and would like to get more power out of it. I did all the basic mod's the minute I unloaded it. I now have about 350 miles on it and want to pump it up. Has anyone replaced the cams? I've heard that I can just put in YZ450 cams? Or just the exhaust cam?

I'm pretty sure that the intake cams are identical (or at least they were for the '04's) & that all you do is change out the exhaust cam. Don't know anybody who's done it yet though. I was considering it, as you can get a YZ cam from zanottimotor.com for under $100. I really don't need the power for the woods riding I do though, with just the standard free mods, rejet (main only) & a stock YZ pipe, it's a handfull allready. I'd certainly be up for anything that would smooth the power delivery though.

i have a yz cam in my 2004. and i would never go back. and where i ride we ride the tight of the tight trails. in the tails , i don't think you will notice the power change as much as the way less engine barking. when i first got my WR the engine braking was heavy. so heavy i had to adjust my riding style a bit as to not go over the bars on deceleration. then i put in the yz cam, had to re adjust back. now I'm sold on the yz cam for ever :cry: .

IMHO it feels like there is more low, mid, and, top power then with the wr cam. the only possible downfall being the bike revs up faster witch can spin the tire if your not ready for it.

eather cam you have, its prob more power then you can use.

all that matters is how much fun you want to have. :cry:

Thanks for the info, I do most of my riding in the desert and at the sand dunes. I used to ride a CR500 and could make any sand hill on it, but not with the WR450. I love riding it but want a little more power

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