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urgent help required . . .

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My bike goes into the dealers workshop thursday and the mechanic is EXTREMELY green on WRs. I am having the timing changed to yz timing and need to know what carby (jetting/needle) changes are required ???

Thanks from The Land Downunder (Australia)


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Do not take it to a mechanic who is not knowledgeable about bikes! Try another shop

or do it yourself, it's not that hard. I've had a "Excellent,engine-tuner-builder-road-racing" mechanic service my TL1000s Suzuki and had to drain 3/4 of a quart of oil to get it where it belongs! I also had other problems which another mechanic found. I have to haul my bike 15 miles instead of 2, but I know my bike is being serviced correctly.

My new mechanic is not a "Race-Mechanic"; but just a good "street-bike mechanic"!

You also might want to print out the instructions of the YZF cam-timing changes and give them to the mechanic(found elsewhere in this site) It's a fairly simple procedure

that any mechanic or home-mechanic/tinkerer can do!




Bryce Senff

WMRRA #201




Oh it's Good to Be Back on a Dirtbike!

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