Probably a stupid question

what is the difference between the 2004 yz450f & the 2004 wr450f?

4 speed vs. 5 speed on the WR

Firmer suspension vs. softer suspension on the WR

No Lights vs. headlight and tail light on the WR

WR is a bit heavier due to the electric start parts-battery, starter

Wilder Cam and ignition timing vs. tamer cam and ignition timing

High Strung vs. Lower Strung on the WR

WR is Choked down-restrictive exhaust, has a throttle stop (easy home fix)

WR has a larger fuel tank, a kick stand

WR has an 18" Rear wheel from what I understand

I have heard the WR has larger cooling capacity

Both are Blue

What else did I miss...Buhler, Buhler?


i ride offroad more, in the hills or out in the sand more than mx riding. what would be my best bet?

If you are an agressive rider you should get the YZ especially if you ride in the sand often. The more agressive the rider the better off they are on the YZ. If you do a whole lot of long distance trail riding the WR will be your best bet due to fuel capacity and the comfort of the bike. The WR will be easier to ride because of its tameness but you will find yourself limited if you intend to ride with guys that have competition (YZ) bikes on the track, dunes, or agressive trails. Both are great bikes but they definately aimed at different riding applications. And do not think that if you get one or the other that you can make the WR act like a YZ or vice versa. Make a well informed decision in the beginning, sounds like you are off to a good start. :cry:

thanks alot guys u are a big help

My usual ride is a YZ426. When I swap out for a ride on a WR with full knobbies, the bikes seem pretty close. The thing most noticable is the different power on the WR, it comes on slower and lower.

The YZ might do a better job of getting you into, and out of, trouble. Its limits are further out there than the WR.

If you want to deal with sand at all, remove the dula purpose tires the WR comes with and get a set of agressive knobbies.

Also remember, if you want the yz but want to take long rides then you can get an oversized tank from IMS or Clarke. :cry: I think they are around 3.4 gallons. Once I rode my 450 with a bunch of XR riders (they all had spare tanks too!) :cry: and we went rond trip 94miles. I filled it to the top and I knew I was going to run out, but it was a good chance to test and see how far I could go. About halfway there was of a very small town where I knew a guy that had gas. Anyway, my bike ran dry at around 75miles. and that is with the 1.9 gallon tank. So with 3.4 you can probably go 110-130 miles:D :cry: (depending on throttle control).

On the WR first gear is a little lower, top gear is a lot higher (hence the WR... ie Wide Ratio transmission). Also has a heavier flywheel, meaning harder to stall, but not as much snap. Out of the dealership, the WR is a more complete package for off-road. If I was to race some moto, I might consider the YZ, but would need the dealer to toss in a bigger tank and quiet exhaust/spark arrestor for offroad work. If you are doing nothing but moto, go for the YZ.

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