Does the 04 and 05 WR450 suffer from Yamabog

Hey Guys,

Just paided off the 02 WR426 and now it's time to fill the stable with a new beast. I had a lot of issues with the bogging on quick throttle flip during low speeds. Is this still true of the 04 and 05 450's. I know and have applied the accel pump fix in the past for this error.


Anybody knows where the best deals are for 04s' and 05's in CA or NV let me know as well.



My '04 had the bogging issue. A #40 leak jet fixed the problem. Don't know about the '05 WR.

The cheapest I've seen an '05 WR in NV is $6K in Ely (Lee Ford Yamaha maybe?). Haven't seen any '04's left. You might want to make sure the NV models have the green sticker equipment you need in CA.

ASternad, mine bogs a bit but I have been reading about jetting here quite a bit and it seems that a #40 leak jet will fix that for me...... now I just need to know where that "leak" jet is:excuseme: .... I asked the parts guy at Bert's in covina and he said he had never heard of a leak jet in his 26 years of doing parts. Someone has gotta know exactly where it is or what the proper term for it is if "leak jet" is slang..... anyone?:cry:

I was just in Montclair yamaha today and they had six WR450s! maybe they'd be a little more willing to deal since they have more than I have seen at a dealer yet. I haven't heard of anyone yet in So. CA getting their 450 for less than $6600-$6700 but then again I don't know how much I beleive that people in other states got theirs for $5600 as I've seen them say.....:cry:

good luck

The leak jet is in the bottom of the float bowl. It is a very small jet that reduces the squirt volume form the AC pump. smaller jet means larger squirt. I use a 40 & 35 leak jet for warmer weather. I have my stock 70 leak jet plugged with solder and use a "zero" jet for cold weather with the FMF pipe. Even the JD blue needle is too large a main diameter for the free flowing uncorked FMF. It helps if you put in a quiet core insert in cold weather.:cry:

Mine is an 04 and never had a bog. But its a Canadian import:canada: and I dont think they choke those down like they did in :cry:

Anyone know what the stock leak jet is in the '05? just curious how far I am currently off..


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