does any body have a wiring diagram for my 87 xr600r as my rear light and break light are hardly working and i need to sort out before i can get it on the road.cheers Garth :cry::cry:

I would check out the wire connections and bulb for corrosion first thing. If you have a battery on the bike it could be bad too pulling the lighting voltage down.


Get yourself a manual. It's all in there. :cry:

you currently do not accept email messages, but if you post your email I can send it to you.

thanks for the info moredesert just got the bike so on the never ending job of buying and changing things. thanks again. Garth

email sent, good luck :cry:

dont now if you got my email but thanks i will let you now how i got on

tryed sending apic of the bike but failed :cry:

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