karcher pressure washer

i was reading a thread about these little electric pressure washers and people were saying how great they were,well i've seen them around for some time and thought they were just mickey mouse junk! so after seeing people raving i decided to go to lowes and pick one up. i got the 1400 psi model (its only the size of a 12 pack!) for $99 and figured ahh if it sucks i'll just return it. let me tell you that this thing is awesome for washing the bikes !!! not strong enough to damage anything,but plenty strong to gitterdone. the quality for $$ is amazing. :cry::cry::cry:

That's very good to know. I've spied those things while walking thru Lowes and wondered if they worked. Thanks for the report. :cry:

I have a Generac 2400 PSI with the nice Honda OHC engine. I bought it to clean my concrete and now I use it to clean bikes too. I just keep it far enough away so I dont inject water where it doesnt belong. :cry:

I've had one of those Karcher pressure washers for 10 years and it's still going strong. When it breaks I'd buy another in a second. Good stuff. :cry:

Mine's a Craftsman 1400 psi unit and it works well and was free from the neighbor that moved out.

Welcome to the world of pressurized water,

H20, still the worlds best selling cleaner!


I had to go back to brushes and garden hose for a while when my pressure washer was down from a frozen busted pressure manifold. Don't ask me how it froze, it will raise hell in my marriage :cry: .

I told myself that it wasn't such a marvelous toy, but after a few early mud spring rides, and a few hours spent cleaning with the scraper, brushes and garden hose, let me tell you that when my power washer came back all repaired, I felt the mercy of god on me :cry: .

I'm wondering how the hell was I cleaning my bikes 25 years ago :excuse me: .

I think we rode dirty bikes back then, may be that's why we call our bikes "dirt bikes " :cry:

i'm not new to pressure washers i'm just sayin' this minature electric version is perfect for bikes :cry:

I have the same washer and your right, not to powerful to do damage but enough to do the job. :cry:

kärcher is top euro brand for pressure washers, they have big range of products, up to the ones that could cut your bike in half :cry:

I use the cheapest possible model, built in pressure switch, medium power, superb for everyday cleaning

consider the label saying not to use warm/hot water, because pistons inside are made from plastic (cheaper models) and warm water could damage them

cool good info,i guess i should start reading instructions(nah,just kiddin'):cry:

I just got the 5HP Karcher pressure washer, I was stoaked that it has a Honda engine. It's the best toy I own.... A beer in one hand and the Karcher in the other... I'm a happy man...

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