New Gripper Ceet Cover

:cry: I'm throwing the new Ceet gripper on the pig tonight, any suggestions on the best way to tackle this, getting the seat to tighten properly etc. stapling from front to back, vice versa? :cry::cry: Thanks.......

First warm it up good with a heat gun, but don't melt it. Put 4 to 6 staples in the front and tack it down. Stretch it pretty good towards the back and tack the back down with a half dozen staples or so. Warm it up again, then pull the sides down tightly and tack the front middle wings down with ~4 staples on each side kind of close together so the material won't tear. If you're stapling into a plastic material rather than fabric, be very careful you don't drive the staples in too hard or the plastic material will split & tear. Warm things up again, now pull the front middle section down and staple the front half with staples every inch or so while making sure there are no wrinkles. Warm it up again, then pull the back half down and put staples in every inch or so while making sure there are no wrinkles. If you get a wrinkle, just pop out the staples in the affected area, then stretch the material and tack it down. Once all the wrinkles are worked out, then finish putting in the rest of the staples to better secure the cover.

Good advice

I tried to do it myself without heating it. It came out ok, but I've got a couple small wrinkles.

BFD, it's a dirt bike.

But, if i did it again, I'd try this method.

Thanks Quadsan.


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