Michael Rode His Bike?

Hey Michael whats this I hear that you finally rode that show bike of yours. :D You mean it got dirty. :D So you finally go riding and you don't invite your B-Inlaw :D Whats up with that, don't you like seeing blood :) coming out of my body. :D How did two smoker do and eas Dave able to kick his KLX300 like a man :D or did you have to start for him.

What - you never heard of a telephone? This the only way you communicate anymore?

Yes we rode - had a great time, and you were asked if you were available.......you want cheese with that whine? Doug is getting faster (so is David BTW), and David's bike started first kick all day. Good ride for such a pit of a place!

You really need to bump your timing to YZ specs and disconnect the gray wire. It isn't a whole new bike....just cleaner in the mid range and up top. No loss of low end that I noticed.

The weight reduction worked well, got 10 more pounds out of the shock and rear subframe assembly. The bike felt lighter, but not enough change to justifiy the price. I guess it was just a fun project.

Kraig as I recall I did invite you but you had some sewing or knitting or something to do for your wife. Sorry you missed it.


01 KLX-hey at least I can still kick unlike those lazy KTM people

Man that was a deep slash. :)


Bonzai.... :D

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