Tips On Valve Adjustment

I'd like to start adjusting the valves on my '05 WR 450 but have never done this procedure before. I have adjusted valves on a motorcycle, the problem is tha last bikes i did this on were a 1954 Velocette MSS and a 1964 Triumph Thunderbird. Is my new bike all that different than my vintage pigs? Those bikes were VERY simple to work on

the procedure is different to your vintage pigs, but the desired outcome is the same. I'd guess your vintage bikes had rockers with adjusters on them, where the WR has shims. It's just a case of measuring the clearance, and then fitting the appropriate size pad to get the clearance you require.

Hint: If you have a few valves that require adjustment sometimes you can mix and match the pads so you dont have to buy/exchange as many.

Thanx for the answers.

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