tips!!! please!

i am looking for any tips on spliting te cases on a yz 426, i know how to do all the basics and even the hard stuff i think. but if you guys guys have any tips or things to avoid. mucho appreciative!!

If you have a digital camera take some pictures while disassembling the engine. It could be useful for reassembly. And if you screw up you can post it so we can give you a hard time. :cry::cry:

I used tote tags, they are a piece of posterboard on a little wire twist tie and labeled every part with the name used in the manual. I also made notes on the tags such as the order of assemble and even drew myself sketches. I actually enjoyed splitting the case and the reassemble. FYI, once split I took the engine to my local shop to perform the actual evaluation and repair, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.

thanks guys hw much did they charge to do the repairs once they were split? cuz when you just take them the bike they said a 245 buck tear down fee!! thats the main reason i am ding myself

You may want to put the various parts into labled Zip-Loc bags. I group them by categories i.e. clutch hardware in one bag, top end bolts in another etc.

Put all the bolts back in to the respective holes. It will only go together one way.

Be Friendly with someone who has a air impact wrench. And you'll need a torque wrench. I did it for the first time and can't believe I got it back together. It was fun.:cry:

The cost for the repair depends on what needs to be replaced. You may want to have all the bearings replaced as long as you have it apart, the rest depends on condition.

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