Countershaft oil seal

I have an 04 450 and ride it every week out on a track and if I am not there then I'm at the Dunes in Glamis. This weekend I noticed a ton of oil around my front sprocket. It looks to me like the countershaft oil seal took a crap :cry: Does these wear out normaly so soon :cry: Is it hard to change :cry: Does anyone know who carries them, my Yamaha dealer sucks and they always have to order the most basic parts :cry: Thanx for any help :cry:

Real easy to change. Just take off the sprocket pry the old seal out put the new one in. I usually soak the seal in oil first, seams to go on easier with less chance of tearing the lip.

I had the same problem on my 04. I thought it was the seal but it turned out to be the COLLAR that the seal rides on. If you are just going to replace the seal it is easier if you take the collar off. You can pull the collar off by using needle nose pliers. I had this happen after riding about 10 times.

My '03 started leaking a couple of months after I bought it. I replaced it and was worried that it would be a constant problem but it has never leaked since. 125 hours.


I am going out today to order mine I have it all apart and I see that there is ooil leaking ouy of it also :cry:

Thanx for all the help!!!!! Where can I order one from?

I would just go to your local dealer.

Make sure to change the O-ring on the shaft behind the collar. I changed the seal on my 03' 450 and it still leaked because of the old o-ring.

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