Help ...

Bought an 04 WR450 today, used with 380 kms. Brought it home and found the oil is creamy/brownish color, (I know I should have checked that).

this bike is from up north in the Yukon, driven down wet muddy road to work every day (diamond driller). Purchased new in June & used for two or three months only.

Could this simply be water from the road getting in to the oil somehow?

Cold and damp have anything to do with it. (The oil has never been changed so original from break-in).

Head Gasket? If so is this a big job $$$ wise (I am not a mechanic).

Any other causes?

Should I just change the oil and see if it goes milky again?

Thanks for your input guys!


that is moisture in the oil. run it up, rplace it. should be just fine.

Wouldn't you be concerned about how the oil got in there?

Because there is so little oil it takes very little moisture to go creamy .Change the oil and run then keep doing this until it comes out clean.It may be worth changing the oil filter also.

if the bike wasnt so new, I'd say the water pump seals/shaft were shot.

I'd change the oil and monitor the coolant level (mark it with a pen on the overflow). If the level drops (comparisons must be made at same engine temp, ideally cold) you have a problem. If the oil isn't milky a after the next change dont worry about it. You are due for an oil change anyway.

Well I flushed Thumper out with oil and then drained her again, filtre, screen the works. Drove her a few miles and everything is perfect! Turns out to have been a little condensation from sitting in a cold shed up there in the Yukon. Thanks for the reassurance, you were right.

By the way, I can't believe the performance, sheer power of this bike! I have owned a lot of dirt bikes and many street. This thing pulls like my Roadstar!

Up on the back wheel in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, (haven't had the chance to try 4th. Haven't even done the free mods yet, just the exhaust has been done.


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