Used Carb from A YZF 450

Just got a quote for an '03 YZF450 from a breakers in the UK...

£550 :cry:

The bloke recons a new one is £1,200 :cry:

Anyone confirm or deny the new price? I really can't believe it.

Can anyone recommend a US breaker that will ship to the UK?

whats wrong with your old one?

Try the ThumperTalk classifieds.....

Here's an Edelbrock carb' that'll fit your bike

Edelbrock for sale

The same carb' seems to be on eBay.....

YZ450F Edelbrock

Can't find anything else at the moment, but keep your eyes open on TT and eBay. Cheers.

whats wrong with your old one?

I've had a few problems. Cough & die when hot and won't restart is the main one, as experienced by quite a few others. There is no hot start on the one fitted.

I know the Factory Team swapped over at the start of the year and I've bumped into a few riders at MX meetings and they've all changed theirs and instantly found better results. Husky must have taken note as they are OEM for '05.

Ahhhhh, he wants a YZ carb for his Husky. Yeah, I saw that they did that as well. I have notheard good things about the Edelbrock carb, they are hard to jet (?). 250 for the YZ carb is a steal. Buy it now. New that are aobut 950USD

If you can get an FCR off a YZ for $250 you better grab it quick.

I paid $275 for one on my DRZ. They are expensive. :cry:

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