CRF450 vs.!

I race motocross and just was released from my Dr. to comeback (broken bones)...I need another bike and had been racing an '03 CRF. I loved it and felt very comfortable on it and planned on buying an '05, but I am able to get a YZF for about $500 less. The deal sounds attractive (plus better financing options) but I am afraid I will not feel comfortable/competitive on it and will regret it. I do not like change and this decision scares me because I don't want to be on the starting gate feeling like I would have been faster on the Honda. I need to decide because I plan on picking one up tomorrow...I realize opinions here will be biased so I'm posting the same thing on the CRF side! :cry: Thanks

It's all your personal preference. Both are smokin bikes, just that the Honda smokes a little more (you know, with worn out valves!) and spends more time in the shop!

I gather that the CRF might be more race ready out of the box, but in the end it all comes down to rider anyway. If your buddy always kicks your ass, swap bikes, and he still will.

Go back to the CRF the $500.00 difference is not enough to switch from something you were already happy with. I would not switch to the CRF for a $500.00 cheaper CRF because I am very happy with my YZ 450. The bikes are quite different and you are already used to the CRF. :cry:

I think change is good , they are both great bikes besides 75% of the GAME

is trying somthing NEW....

mental aspect of racing, your already confident on a crf! no surprises.

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