Here is the scoop, on 05 large tank and seat combo!

I first just wanted a tall seat for my 05 wr450. SDG says there 03 to 04 seat will work...I tryed that, had a 1 1/2" gap under the front edge of the seat. The angle of the 05 tank is very different. They also said most likly they would not be making a 05 seat because of cost to sales. I bought a 03-05 Clarke 2.8 gal tank, and ordered another 03-04 SDG seat. Well the tank fit perfect, the only thing you have to do it turn the rubber gromets around. The thickest part to the outside, and install the alum bushing to the inside (stock). The seat is not perfect, it seams a little short on the front edge, and a very small gap between the tank and the front of the seat. Over all not bad, and can live with. The seat is about 1 1/4" taller than stock. Great for taller riders, and the stock rad. shrouds work. The stock seat will also work, it just bows the front edge up a bit..If anyone would like a pic, send me a pm with email address... :cry: Smitty

Sent you a PM. I'm very interested on how it turned out. My Clarke tank arrived yesterday, now I need the seat!!.

I will send pics:) out in the morning. I will also put some with my bike in the garage section...Smitty

There are some pics I posted in my garage under YZF 450. It is a wr450 ... The one with blue tape on the tank is the stock seat. Also, I put the stock tank on to show the gap between the 03-04 sdg seat (wr model) and a 05 wr tank. Also show the difference in thickness.The stock seat does not wrinkle, or show any bend or crease with the clark tank... Hope this helps, Smitty

We would love to see photos.... If you email them to me I'll put them up..

Thanks, Dan

So just so I'm straight... the bigger tank requires the '04 seat.

I agree... the new seat on the stock tank is terrible.

I wonder if this is only an issue with the tall seat... probably not.

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