650R Banjo Bolt Pitch

I'm planning to purchase one of those pressure activated brake light switches, which essentially replace the banjo bolt that attaches to the front brake master cylinder. I know that the bolt is single bleed, 10mm .... but is the pitch 1.0 or 1.25? Here's a link to the item:



This might help. :cry:


O.K., so that link confirms that the rear takes a 1.25 .... what are the odds that the front is the same? Pretty good, I'd think.

Anybody know for sure?

It's definitely the same as the rear. I just didn't remeber the pitch for certain, but I do remeber both the front and the rear were the same when I meshed the threads together to check them out before I installed them. I also did not need to bleed my brakes, but I know of others who had to.

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