Reserve fuel in a YZ

Does anyone know if the WR and YZ petcock change out? I've got the '02 YZ426 and would like to have the reserve in the woods.

I have both in the garage they look the same just one has reserve on it so yes they will work :cry::cry:

i actually just did the swap the other day it works just fine.

here's the yamaha part # 2GU-24500-01-00

it originated in the banshee i think and they have been using it ever since in the woods and kids bikes

Yep, I put the WR fuel tap in my YZ tank. Bolts straight in. As you've already heard, the only difference is the reserve setting. I know when I hit reserve, I better get the hell home asap.....Don't ask how I know.....:cry:

I'me a bit confused, can someone explain how the WR tap works, as I thought the there was a reserve set in the tank compartment, cheers

Nope, just two separate straws from which the fuel is pulled from. The "ON" straw sucks from higher in the tank, and the reserve sucks all the way to the bottom of the tank. I ran one in my YZ for a short time while I was waiting on a new YZ petcock. It fit, but not perfect, the "ON" straw is a lot longer than on the YZ part, and does hit the inside of the tank (don't think that bothers anything, though).

Well thats a no worky. Thay want you to log in. Just go to the main sight and here is there part number 260074. It is 19.95 and I think that I might order it also.

I just ordered the OEM part for a WR to go in my YZ. Have not put it in yet. Cost was $20.:cry:

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