650R carb leaking from overflow

Have an 00 650R that was running fine. Then I took the tank off to replace a water hose. When I put the tank back on and turned the petcock on, it immediately started peeing gas out of one of the little black rubber lines.

What could that be - stuck float/needle valve? That was my first guess. I took the carb off and cleaned it and checked the needle and seat and it looked ok.

What is the float height supposed to be? (as measured from the bowl edge to the highest point on the float) I just got the bike and don't have a manual yet. I doubt that's the problem though, since it wasn't leaking before and the float height hasn't changed.


If there is a drain screw on the bottom that drains the carb through the same tube then try opening the screw all the way and letting the carb drain to clear any trash out of the carb....Also check the gas filter and make sure it is clean...I have had the same prob when fooling with the gas tank...I think some of the small particles get stuck and let the carb overflow...I am most positive that your carb float can not get out of adjustment by it's self....JMO

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