Ron in SoCal

Ron...I spent all day yesterday and half of today cutting trees to make room for the new shop. I just need somebody to split the rounds for firewood.

Paul....Take it easy on my boy when you guys get together on the 17th, as you know, he is kind of slow on two wheels. Are your boys going?

Khris....Take some water with you this time, the CHP will appreciate it.

Now I have to go get busy pissing off the greenies somemore.

Tree hugger, I promise I will do everything I can to not make them have to wait up for me too long! :D Hell, my own kids ride circles around me now days. SWEET revenge for them. :D So far Jesse is the only one I know for sure that is coming. Brian has to work and I'm not sure about Josh yet. I may have to go out with them on Saturday just to get to ride with them all. :) After all these years and they are still wearing the old man out! I just hope I can be as reliable as my blue beast! If you ever need any help splitten those logs just give me a call. :D Paul

Isn't it strange how modest everybody is about their riding ability, until you get in the dirt with them? Paul, I am sure you are being way to modest, but I understand. You know what they say about old age and treachery? Thank you for offering, but the logs will have to wait until they get seasoned (like us). But, feel free to come up and do some fishing, the North Umpqua River is in my back yard. 40lb Salmon and 20lb Steelhead can be had. Plenty of room for guest.

Tree hugger, I may have fudged a little in the modesty department. But, I am still counting on treachery in a big way! :) Thanks for the offer to go fishing. I'll send a note off to you.

Mike68, I'd love to go riding in NH. It sounds like you guys have some good stuff going on back there. Plus, I have never been there. Sounds like a trip for next year! Is there any way you could make it to Moab in November? Glad to see you back. Paul

P.S. My Clark tank arrived today. Heading out to garage to put it on. It will probably be the only piece of plastic on my bike that isn't scratched! :D

I had the opportunity to ride with PMAUST on a day he was holding back (prior to a family vacation). He is being modest.

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