Bling or Function.....Carb Heat Shield....

One thing I tried on my 426 (since I never shy away from bling) was a carbon fiber "carb heat shield". It bolts to the head stay bolt and shields the right side of the carb from the header pipe.

Now throwing theory and "what if's" out the door I just thought I would give you my "real world" review on the gaget. I installed it back in the late summer and the first thing I noticed was that starting the bike when hot was a little easier.....not night and day but if the bike was really hot and I shut it off for a few minutes, it instantly started back up without the hot start. Keep in mind this was while it was still in the 90's outside. Having owned the bike for over 2 years I can tell you it helped. Now does it help in the performance of the bike once it's running? Nothing noticable.

Just food for thought. BTW they are listed on ebay (no I am not the seller) and are cheap. I notice the company that makes "Black Ice" also sells them. If added help in hot start conditions is what your are looking for or concerned's a no brainer. PLUS IT"S MORE BLING ! LOL

How about one for the shock nitro canister? I noticed it gets too hot for the bare hands after a long ride. :cry:

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