Alpinestar tech 8 boots

What's the best way to clean the booties? Is it ok to put them in the washing machine. I don't want them falling apart. What about the outside of the boot? What's the best protection for the leather?

I have powerwashed mine and put them in the machine with n oproblems. Take your little ankle cushions out before putting them in the machine.

I just let mine dry off then use a fairly stiff brush to rid the mud then use ARMOURALL on them.

I washed mine in the washing machine about 50 times before they fell apart. I just got new booties and will probably do the same thing. If they last me 2 years then it's worth the money to be able to not have to spend 20 minutes cleaning them every couple of weeks. 20 minutes x 50 washings = 1000 minutes = 16+ hours saved. $50/16 hours = 3 bucks/hour. I figure that my time is worth more than that.

I've come across a pretty good way of cleaning the boots. Hose them off if muddy, and then spray them with foaming tire cleaner. Let 'em sit a moment or two and then towel them off. They're shiny and the buckles then work very smoothly.:cry:

As for the booties, I don't think I've ever washed them. :cry:

I agree that putting them in the washer is fine. Just don't put them in the dryer. They will shrink! Not a good thing!

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