No CRF 450 Bashing, but??????????

Hey blue Bro's

Have any of you rode the newer CRF450 lately??????? (03, 04, 05 Model)

I'll be getting a new ride probally mid year. I hope by than that I've rode a newer CRF 450 to make my own opinion.

But in the mean time,

if you have rode a CRF450, what is your honest opinion of the bike. The price doesn't really matter. I want just the best ride for me........ who knows maybe a Yellow bike might be making noise buy then:excuseme: .

This Is not a Blue V Red thread.

It really don't matter, I'm SLOW on any color of Bike:D

I owned a '02, '03, and '04 CRF450. All of them were great bikes. I had the 04 set up with RG3 20mm clamps, FC suspension and a bunch of other goodies. The bike was terrific. I never had any problems with valves, or any other mechanical issues. It was easy to work on, started first kick and ran like a champ. I don't think you would regret buying one.

With that said, I also think the Yamaha's are excellent bikes. I never rode a 450, but I own a '04 YZF250. I LOVE that bike. It is easier for me to ride. I get less tired and the fun factor is way beyond what I felt riding the crf. I am 6'1", 210lbs and it hauls me around no problem. Although I have never timed myself, I feel much faster and for longer on the 250F.

I am in the process of trying to decide what new 450 I want. I know the CRF is awesome, but I feel like the Yamaha fits me better. I am able to go from sitting to standing easier and it feels much more natural to grip the bike with my knees on my YZF. I do not know if the YZF 450 feels the same as the 250F, but I personally feel more comfy on the Yamaha. Both bikes are quality. The Honda's IMHO have better fit and finish and the nuts and bolts seem to be of higher grade. Honda's seem to look newer longer, but I have not had any problems with my Yamaha either. Routine maintenance is key on all bikes. I hope this helped.

I have ridden the 05 crf 450 and it is a sweet bike. I went with the 04 YZ 450F because of price and I feel the YZ will have less valve issues. Both bikes are great. The 05 YZ is supposed to be more like the Honda. You can't go wrong with either bike. Yamaha and Honda are at the top of thier game.:cry:


I agree with ya, I've been a Homer on the 250F, since I first swung a leg over it. My garage will allways have 250F in there..........


:cry: you can't go wrong with any new bike nowadays

They are both really great bikes. In fact, I've often recommended owning one of each.

The CRF has a smaller lighter feel to it, even though the YZF is actually lighter in some years (not by much). This is both good and bad. Whereas I feel very comforable standing on the YZF, I tend to feel a little cramped on the CRF. I'm told there are adjustments for this, but I've never been on one that was set up to feel as roomy as the blue bike does. You can get the front end back if you wash it most of the time, something you can't always get away with on the Honda.

On the other hand, the Honda is easier to ride. Not faster, not better handling, not torquier, just easier. It feels quicker flicking into a corner, or through an 'S' section, but the Yamaha feels more planted, and I can pick, stay in, or change a line in a corner more accurately on the Yamaha. The blue bike is more stable and inspires more confidence in the whoops and rough stuff too.

Honda's suspension is amazing, I have to admit. Up until the '05 came out, the YZF's forks weren't even close, IMO. It's scary how the CRF front end eats bumps. I've ridden a 426 that had $2000 worth of suspension done by good people and it still wasn't as good as a stock CRF450. But the '05 Yamahas are a whole different deal.

Then there's the whole reliability thing. Some have had no trouble with their CRFs, others have. But they are not a YZF, I'm sorry. There are cars on the road that aren't as reliable as a YZ450F, and that's just the way it is.

My son wants to move up to a 450 in a while, and right now, he prefers the CRF, having ridden my YZ and a couple of CRFs. I may very well get him one. Me? I think I'll stay with my Yamaha. But, you never know. :cry: In the end, you should ride them both, and decide for yourself. Eventually, you'll have to, as hard as it may be. :cry:

From what I've seen in the group of guys I ride with as long as a person stays on top of his maintenance the Honda is a great bike. I've spent a lot of time on both before I bought my YZ. I like the way the CRF handles but the YZ fits my 6'o frame better. The Honda would fit me fine with lower pegs and a taller seat, but the YZ fit me better out of the box plus has a stronger hit off the bottom that suits my riding style better.

I had a SDG tall seat and IMS low pegs on my '04 CRF and I still felt like it was hard to go from sitting to standing. I just didn't feel as comfy on it. It is an awesome bike and I am sure the '05 is better. I changed the oil/air filter regularly and never had any problems.

Grayracer any difference in the feel of the YZ450 v. YZ250F in the ergos? I would love to ride a YZF450 before I make up my mind, but it doesnt look like that is going to happen.

I am in the same boat.. very confusing...cant sleep at night..

Time to get rid of my trusty 02 CRF.. this bike has been bulletproof!.. I had a 00 426 before that... The CRF seems to have better hardware at least on the bolts you take on & off for maintence. I have never had valve troubles either.

The delima now is what 05 450 to get... I have buddies at 2 diff Honda shops ( 1 sells yam too) & 1 yam shop. Its looking like I can save$700 to 1000 buy getting the YZF. I really like how the honda stays looking newer longer due to the frame but for that much $$$ gonna be hard to pass up the YZF.... decision to come this weekend....

:cry: :cry: :cry:

But what a great delima to be in.... :cry:

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