Air Filter Oil

Was talking to the local Yamaha mechanic today, and the subject of air filter oil came up. I use No-Toil for the convenience of easy cleaning right there in the kitchen sink. The mechanic scoffed and suggested that Maxima was a much better product based on its ability to trap dirt, and it will also come clean using dish soap and hot water. Anybody care to weigh in with their 2 cents? Are certain oils reputedly better dirt catchers than others?

I've got Bel-Ray and its pretty gooey stuff. Seems to collect dirt real well. I also have a can of UNI filter oil, just becase its in an aerosol can which makes it easier for me to apply. Both work real well. These oil debates could go on forever, I think its just ones personal preference.:cry:

im using valvoline and its a crappy product!!!

the only issue i had when using no-toil was that it never seemed to dry completely. there always seemed to be some in the bottom of the airbox after a while. it seemed "thin" compared to bel-ray. i use bel-ray water proof grease around the sealing edge of the filter. no detergent will get that out.

I like the UNI oil and cleaner! Works great and easy to clean up!

I've been using No-Toil for about two years and love it! It almost makes cleaning the filter fun. I've never had any dirt get past it and if there is dripage in the air box then you're not squeezing it hard enough to get the extra oil out of it. There are alot of people out there that are afraid to try something new so they will swear to only one old time product or method. I recently got some support from Ready Filter for racing. For ten bucks you get a filter that is already oiled with Maxima and works great. When its dirty you can clean it yourself and use it again or just throw it away. But for my kid's bikes, I will continue to use No Toil.

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