1981 rm250

i just scored on a 1981 suzuki rm250, the first year suzuki produced the rm250 with the monoshock. Its missing a lot of things like the carbureator, air boot, all the rear plastic, and other miscellaneous things.

would anyone be able point me to some places to find parts or just general information and specs on this bike???

what other years have interchangable parts with the 1981 model??

Or better yet would anyone here in california happen to have one that i would be able to buy as a parts bike??

Any information would be greatly appreciated :cry:

Thanks man :cry:

Well thats what I was going to recommend. Anyways congrates to the new project:thumbsup:



I have an 81 RM465. The bike is awesome, but they didn't build many so parts are really hard to find. If you're in So Cal, Cole Brothers Suzuki in North Hollywood and Larry Lilly Honda/Suzuki in Lancaster have both been great at finding stuff for me. E-bay has also been a great source of hard to find parts. Most older bikes bring far more bank to the owners if they part 'em out rather than sell them complete, so there always seems to be a good listing. As far as the chassis goes, up thu '85 should be mostly interchangable (disk brake front end from '84 up would be a good mod if you can find one...), but as far as motor, I think they went water cooled in '83, so 81 and 82 are about it. Maier Racing up in Nor Cal still makes plastic for these bikes as well. You can order direct or thru Chaparral, Rocky Mountain ATV or a dozen other on line resources. DG is about the only source for pipes, if you need one.

I think I've got an extra Clymer manual for the full floaters...pm me if you want it.

You'll love the bike. I think tthe back end of my 465 is still better than the back end on my WR426...


mac...midwest action cycle...cheap to boot

the rm's went watercooled in 82.........

I used to have one of those (81 rm250) :cry:, your gonna have a blast building and then riding it, memories. :cry:

Dirtbike raved about the Full Floater when it came out, and Dirtrider proclaimed the model a milestone motorcycle for that year. Should be a great bike:)

Anyone else have any more links or info for me???

I had an 82 RM250Z w/Full Floater. That thing ripped.


I remember cold seizing my brothers 82. It was a helluva bike but that cold seizing prob kinda sucked.

i had the 82 when i was a kid...too much bike for me then, dirt bike did a drag race with it against newer bikes and it did really well, and yea the

full floater was sweet................

Get some pics up once its restored to its former beauty :cry:

i dont know if i will be able to get it restored to its former beauty :cry:

I would love to find a 81 RM250. If anyone knows of one for sale please let me know.

And keep plugging away on that one, the parts are out there. My 1973 Penton looked worse when I started and it is gorgeous now (18 months and a few $K later)

Good luck!


It ain't that much work! Air cooled is simple and cheep (sort of). EBay has been a good source for my 465. If you need a new tank, Clarke and IMS both make a desert tank that works pretty well. DG still makes pipes for 'em. Works Performance can handle she shock if it needs more than just nitrogen. Motion Industries is a good source of bearings for swing arm, rocker, steering head, crank (mains, not rods), just be sure to bring in your old ones or get the Suzuki parts guy to research the AFBA number for you. Don't let those guys talking about a lot of work discourage you. the work is almost as much fun as the riding!

I've done this to a 465 that was in just about the same shape when i got it, so if you have questions, PM me.

Good luck.


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