XR650L Left Crankcase Cover

due to my recent spill and bending of the gear shifter, i am replacing my left crankcase cover. the cover should be here this week. has anyone done this? is there any "gotchas" to watch out for in replacing this cover? looks like there is alot going on, on the other side of this cover.

I've had this happen to me as well - bummer. Two things:

1. I've checked around and no one makes a guard for it. And it was very expensive to replace so I laid my bike down on it's right side, cleaned up the area that was cracked (about the size of a half dollar) and mixed JB Weld and laid it on the crack. Just for fun I set in in a Silver Dollar on top of the JB and it's been solid and drip free for about 9 months:applause: . I now carry JB Kwik with me when I ride as it sets on 15 minutes and can get you out of a bad situation quickly.

2. I bought highway bars form "HappyTrails" - $50 - so you have another position for your feet as you ride and as a side benifit as you dump your bike - it hangs up on the highway bars and saves your bike:thumbsup: . and if you mash the highway bar - it's only $50 vs what your considering replacing.

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